RAFAEL’s Spike FireFly

Spike FireFly miniature tactical loitering weapon is a new member of Spike’s family of precision guided missiles developed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, a defense technology company based in Israel.

The FireFly’s loitering munition is intended for use by dismounted infantry, marines and special forces’ personnel in the urban warfare.

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Typical mission capabilities of the FireFly include situational awareness, engagement of enemy targets beyond line of sight (BLOS), scouting for maneuvering force, and tactical reconnaissance in urban battlefield scenarios.

DEGEL.US, an Israeli engineering company, was awarded to lead the FireFly’s design to POC effort, including integration, testing, and delivering of the first systems to the IDF for evaluation. The system is built from two main parts, the Top section, and the Body section. Each section includes highly complicated Electronics, Mechanical parts, special components, cables, and more.
TOP view
The assembly process requires diverse knowledge and experience with building similar systems, precise soldering, harnesses, integration of electro-mechanic sub-systems, assemblies working with Polymer parts, specially designed heat sinks, etc. All of the above needs to meet the customer’s QA & QC process according to the most advanced procedures and standards. Assembly calibration and ATP runs are done according to written procedures and with customer’s software, mainly for the system check run and software upload.
After the final testing, dry run is done under strict safety procedures in a specially designed and manufactured safety cage, tools and gig’s. While testing within the safety cage, calibration is done to the blades, Servo, engines, and cameras gimbals.

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