Console Operator Line

Designing an Operator Console involves many stages and a deep understanding of the customer’s requirements. In most cases, every Operator Console is a tailor-made.

First stage in developing a new Console is writing the technical design document. This document combine sall the relevant information for the project. It includes also the necessary guidelines in the MMI (Men Machine Interface) design process which is very critical to the end user.

This document is very important throughout the various stages of the program. Practically, this document will be the reference guide in order to ensure the accuracy of the design and compliance with the specified requirements.

Work at this stage would include the following components:

  • Having all existing requirements for the customer
    Ergonomic Physiology concept
  • Specifications manual or doctrine
  • Applicable standards for system setting (including a combination of these standards specification).

The results of this work are drafted into a single document, which is presented to the customer for approval. Once approved, this document provides the basis guidelines/specifications for all stages of the design steps.

  • The basic ergonomic requirements represent only one part of the requirements, but probably the most important part. The reason for that is that the operator will spend many working hours on this unit and if it is not designed correctly, it will negatively affect the ability of operators to do their job.

In order to start the full design, we need to gather all other requirements, and prepare the SRR document.

Some of the following stages of the project are listed here under:

  • Design reviews (PDR, CDR)
  • First Article – for verifying the solution
  • Manufacturing process
  • Equipment installation and integration
  • Acceptance testing and approval for manufacture

DEGEL.US specializes in designing the best possible solution for the customer by offering BTP or BTS with a possibility to add Rugged computers if required by the customer.

DEGEL.US has built Consoles for many of the leading integrators in the Israeli military industry; among them are ELTA, ELBIT, RAFAEL and others. The consoles built by DEGEL.US are in use by the IDF in Israel and by other entities worldwide

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