RDS for the IDF combat commander

The RDS is a Rapidly Deployable, highly expeditionary shelter System
proven to be one of the fastest and most reliable systems on the
market today.

The American company JOHNSON OUTDOOR (www.johnsonoutdoors.com), represented in Israel by the DEGEL.US, has been chosen to supply the IDF with the future tents. The tents is used by the field headquarters and provides a built-in solution for all the electronic equipment required to be inside the tents while connecting flexibly and quickly with the combat vehicles.

After a lengthy examination, the tents model RDS150I of the EUREKA Military Equipment Division (http://www.eurekamilitarytents.com/) of the American manufacturer is found to be most suitable for the requirements and needs of the IDF in the various field units.

 Oz Harpaz, CEO of the DEGEL.US, said that the EUREKA RDS (Rapid Deployable System) family of tents is specifically designed to meet the special requirements of units operating in harsh terrain conditions where an IDF trainee and fighter. In development, EUREKA has relied on many years of experience in working with the U.S. military and providing similar and additional systems.

Much thought has been invested to allow operational flexibility by quick opening and closing of less than 15 minutes, allowing for the connection of several tents to create changing work space according to the needs in the field.

Special emphasis is given to the development of the RDS family, regarding strength and compliance with extreme working conditions and weather while emphasizing understanding of the soldiers needs at field such as: durability and lack of need for repairs, rapid deployment and folding, tent resistance to harsh weather conditions, various sizes starting from 15 m. Up to 80 square meters, infrastructure ready for air conditioning inside the tent and ducts for routing power and communication cables.

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