Indian offset manufacturing and logistic support

Learn About Indian Offset Manufacturing And Logistic Support

Israeli defense export to India is estimated at several billion dollars per year and includes variety of systems, such as, ships, artillery, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), missiles, radars, defense systems and more. DEGEL.US is active in the Indian market since 2006. In addition, DEGEL.US’s team has many years of work experience in relevant activities in the Indian market.

Projects in India – Main Challenges:

  • Finding qualified vendors
  • Remote Management
  • Logistical and technical support
  • Quality Control
  • Implementation responsibility

DEGEL.US – Service Offering in India:

  • SCM (Supply Chain Management) services
  • QC (Quality Control) services
  • Providing “tailored” solutions according to customer requirements
  • Assistance in identifying the right local partner for the task on hand
  • Manufacturing processes and knowledge transfer, including accompanying projects to completion
  • Project Management and Execution – small and Turn-key
  • Technical assistance and logistical support for projects in India

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